Allied Paper Company
5700 Plauche Court
Harahan, LA 70123
Phone: (504) 733-5700    Fax: (504) 733-4949

Products & Services
Waste Management
Aggregate Containers Urns Dome, Hood & Swing Top Receptacles Plastic, Metal, Fire-Resistant Wastebaskets  Industrial Strength Can Liners
Chemicals and Cleaners
General Purpose Cleaners & Polishes Degreasers Drain Openers Disinfectants & Germicides Liquid & Powdered Detergents Carpet & Floor Care Products Insecticides/Herbicides/Rodenticides Protectants & Lubricants
Odor Control
Disinfectants, Deodorants and Germicides Metered Aerosol Dispensers Air Fresheners & Sanitizers Liquid, Solid and Aerosol Deodorants Deodorant blocks and Bowl blocks Urinal Screens
Paper Products and Dispensers
Tissue & Towels Controlled Use Dispensers Wipers Seat Covers
Hand Care
Liquid & Bar Soaps Antibacterial & Healthcare Soaps Hand Sanitizers & Lotions Dispensing Systems Powdered Hand Soap Heavy-Duty Hand Cleaners Gloves Hand Dryers
Mopping Equipment
Specialty & Regular Mopheads & Handles Industrial Dust Heads & Accessories Mop, Bucket & Wringer Systems & Accessories Closet Organizers & Janitorial Carts
Floor Maintenance Equipment
Burnishers Carpet Extractors Wet & Dry Vacs Autoscrubbers Air Movers Sweepers Pad Drivers
Floor Pads, Sponges & Abrasives
Thickline Floor & Ultra High Speed Burnishing Pads Sanding Screens & Steel Wool Utility & Hand Pads Cellulose and Metal sponges
Brooms, Brushes & Accessories
Upright Brooms (Natural and Plastic) Utility, Deck & Scrub Brushes Counter & Specialty Brushes Push Brooms, Street Brooms & Handles Dust Pans Dusters
Matting & Utility Cleaning Tools
Entrance & Antifatigue Matting Chair & Bath Mats Trigger Sprayers, Bottles & Pumps Squeegees, Scrapers, Strip Washers Extension Poles & Paper Pickers
Material Handling & Packaging
Trucks, Carts, Workbenches Storage Boxes & Sheds Ladders & Step Stools Shelving & Cabinets Pallet Wrap Tape Packaging Supplies
Healthcare & Safety Supplies
Feminine Hygiene Products, Dispensers & Receptacles Seat Covers Baby Changing Stations First Aid Kits Safety Goggles Fire Extinguishers
Food Service
Cups Napkins Plates Bowls Utensils Straws Foil Film Bus Boxes Carts & Racks Dispensers Custom Printed Items
Facility Maintenance Products
All types of Light Bulbs and Fluorescent Lighting